Konnex - Standing Shelf

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KONNEX is aimed at people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organizing their environment. This is exactly what this innovative new connector system makes possible. A basic set consisting of 3 modules can be arranged individually to form a rack. In addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique storage surface: for this purpose, the comb-shaped grooves around one cube are inserted into the side walls of another cube. The connection can be varied according to the mood and occasion, adapting to every room and every situation.

Pricing is for a set of three modules as follows:

(1) Small - 12.28" x 12.28" x 12.28"

(1) Medium - 16.3" x 16.3" x 12.28"

(1) Large - 20.32" x 20.32" x 12.28"