FlatFrame Wall Desk

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FLATFRAME Wall Desk provides the perfect setting for personal objects: Be it an iPad, diary, design magazine, favorite pen, or smartphone. In this handy, virtually two-dimensional piece of furniture with a height of merely 2.5cm, every object is sure to find its fixed place.

The FLATFRAME serves as a resting station for mobile terminal equipment. A virtually invisible multiple socket for charging devices is integrated into the coated, multiplex-laminated wood frame. Additionally the color, powder-coated rear panel turns the space-saving FLATFRAME into a magnetic memo board.

The FLATFRAME may be mounted at standing height for a functional and back-friendly working surface. When not in use, the plain front all but disappears in front of a white-wall. The optional frame front allows you to display your own images. The optional black front serves as a handy chalk board for messages.

Measurements: 710 x 526 x 55 mm

Designer: Michael Hilgers